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PandoraRecovery is a useful tool for recovering files from disks
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PandoraRecovery is an free useful application for recovering deleted files or make them again visible for the file system.
The application can search for determined file types from NTFS and FAT formattes units, either pictures, movies, songs, documents and all kind of files in general. To be able to recover deleted files, they have to be recoverable, meaning that they have not been rewritten. Once the unit to be searched is selected, the application starts looking for the determined type or named of the file, and makes an index of directories/folders and existing and deleted files. When the scan is completed, user can search deleted files. The search can be made by the full or part of the file name, file size, creation or last accessed date, according with what the user remembers about the file.

The application can show previews of the deleted images or text files by means of the buil-in viewer, before any recovery is performed, to help the user to decide which file to be recover.

The program can recover deleted files without any application limitation. Of course, sometimes the recovery can't be successful if the deleted file is already corrupted or rewritten for another file operation or the original allocation has been used again by the Operating System.

One useful tool is the Disk Surface Scan option, that allocates unused clusters and looks for disk areas that can might contain data from removed files or programs.

The PandoraRecovery tool can also recover hidden, system, archived, encrypted and even compressed files, besides the 'normal' files.

The found files during the application scanning are indexed and color coded to differenciate the different type or status of the allocated files.

The application can search Data Streams, such as for MP3 files that contain actual data related to the file (album, genre, artist, author, etc.).

PandoraRecovery works with different files, regardless of their size, type, or attribute. Any deleted file that has not been rewritten can be recovered. The application allows the user to search with 'wildcard' in the file name space for getting all the files of a type:
*.jpg, *.avi, etc.

The application search result will show an estimate of the recovery success, displaying the percentage of clusters that have been reused by the OS, and also color coded, for informing the user about the recovery possibility rate.

The tool will also recover files from other memory units, such as network drives, removable drives, etc.

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  • The application can be ordered as a standalone utility, so user can take it to any unit to be recovered. Easy to use and good help file


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